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Dr Amr Saber Algarhi

  BSc (Cairo), MA (American University in Cairo), MSc, PhD (Exeter)  

Econometrics for Business and Economics

Seminar's Data

Seminar 2 (Simple linear regression model)

question 2 data: food.dta

 question 3 data: sleep75.dta

Seminar 3 (Simple linear regression model II)

 Use the same data file as in exercise sheet 2, question 2: food.dta

Seminar 4 (Multiple regression analysis)

 question 1 data: andy.dta

Seminar 5 (Functional forms of regression models)

  Q 1 data: production.dta

 Q 2 data: Use the same data file as in Ex 4, Q1

Seminar 6 (Specification error)

 question 1 data: couples.dta

Seminar 7 (Dummy variables and multicollinearity)

 Q 1 data: utown.dta

 Q 2 data: cars.dta

Seminar 8 (Heteroskedasticity)

 Use the same data file as in exercise 2, question 2: food.dta

Seminar 9 (Autocorrelation)

 question 1 data: okun.dta

Seminar 10 (Stationary time series)

 Q 1 data: growth.dta

 Q 2 data: FTSE.xls

Seminar 11 (Non-stationary time series and unit root tests)

 Q 1 data: spurious.dta and do file.txt

 Q 2 data: usa.dta